CareerPreneurs - A revolutionary Career Readiness Program for Gen Z (Year 10 - 12 students)

Providing students with relevant skills, knowledge and tools to create conscious, confident and successful futures. | taught by Seona Craig (Ba.Psych/Bus)

Course description

The future of work is changing. We have never lived in a time where marketing yourself is such a critical life skill. CareerPreneurs prepares you for the new reality, where you will be ‘managing your career like a small business of one’. Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset to elevate the success of your career – learning starts now.

  • Gen Z will have an average of 15 jobs by age 38 – that means you will have to “sell” yourself at least 15 times!
  • Permanent work will be a rarity rather than a norm, with 40% of the workforce contracting by 2020.
  • 50% of the jobs you will be doing have not been invented yet!
  • A modern resume looks very different to the ‘traditional versions’ and is all about your personal brand
  • 90% of bosses now google you before hiring. Your digital footprint will be part of the recruitment process.
  • YOUth unemployment is at an all time high, with high competition for jobs, it’s important to stand out.

The CAREERpreneurs program, brought to you by YOU Unlimited is a revolution! Developed specifically for teens. Bright, bold, fun ROCKET FUEL to get you motivated, educated and empowered to succeed in your career. Videos, presentations, case studies, audios, e-books, workbooks, online activities, and more. Some of what we will cover…..

  • Planning your future – conscious future proof, career planning strategies
  • All about YOU – getting to know yourself and what makes YOU YOUnique
  • You, social media, your digital footprint and employability
  • Personal Branding – the art of marketing YOU
  • Identifying opportunities which build your brand / future
  • Developing your marketing – resYOUme, cover letters templates
  • Job search strategies needed in a modern world using ‘robot recruiters’.
  • Interview Coaching – master the interview and sell yourself
  • Mindset - Increase career clarity, self-confidence and self-belief
  • PLUS access to community of Gen Z CareerPreneurs
  • BONUSES - parent resources, inspiring audios, emails and loads of other awesome bonuses!

Join the CareerPreneurs Revolution for Gen Z!

It is essential that we really prepare and educate the next Generation things such on Personal branding, making conscious career choices, using social media and technology to engage with employers and really understanding who they are, what they offer and how to package that up and market themselves. We need to do this while they are young and in our high schools.

I am on a mission to lead a much needed Career revolution for our high school students. This is my passion and my purpose.

With 15 years experience in recruitment, HR, consulting, coaching and marketing - I bring a wealth of experience, mistakes and successes to draw on, I will teach our students what I wish I had of known when I left school.

Over the next 6 weeks (you have access to the course for 12 months, so do it at your own pace), you will get access to videos, presentations, workbooks, activities, resume and cover letter templates, links to external tools, online support and access to me!

Parents - investing in this program for your children (or young adults....) is an investment that will pay itself off!! OR.....maybe you could encourage them to contribute and teach them the importance of investing in themselves!

Change starts now...! Check out the week by week course outline below. Each we build on what we learnt....and establish the foundations for a CareerPreneur who is ready to launch!


Leader of the CareerPreneur revolution

Seona Craig (Ba.Psych/Bus)
Seona Craig (Ba.Psych/Bus)
Leader of the CareerPreneur Revolution

Personal Brand Strategist. Career Coach. Box Breaker. Lover of life! 15 years experience coaching, teaching and empowering people of all industries, backgrounds and ages to land their dream jobs by marketing themselves like small business of one. I help people launch careers, which align with their passion, purpose and goals. I love what I should you! Lets Rock-et!

Seona Craig - CEO and Founder - YOU Unlimited and CareerPreneurs Pty Ltd

Course Curriculum

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